Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH) Secures Prestigious GHA Accreditation, Reinforcing Its Position as a Premier Global Medical Travel Destination

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., Nov. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH), one of South Korea’s most prestigious healthcare institutions, is delighted to announce that it has achieved a second consecutive term of Accreditation with Excellence from Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA). This remarkable accomplishment underscores SNUBH’s unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of medical care, ensuring an exceptional journey for medical travel patients from the very first interaction to superior clinical outcomes and post-treatment care.

Leadership Through Innovation

At the heart of SNUBH’s journey lies a commitment to innovation. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, the hospital has created a smart healthcare environment that prioritizes patient safety and convenience. For instance, SNUBH has unveiled an online consultation system that facilitates seamless virtual interactions between doctors, inpatients, and their guardians. This innovative step is just one example of SNUBH’s ongoing dedication to enhancing the quality and overall patient experience through an all-encompassing inpatient portal. SNUBH’s forward-thinking approach has led to the prestigious 7-step certification from the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), marking SNUBH as the first international hospital outside the United States to reach this pinnacle of excellence in medical informatics.

The Heart of Patient-Centric Care

SNUBH’s International Healthcare Center (IHC) team stands at the forefront of patient satisfaction, working tirelessly to ensure a smooth medical travel care journey. This commitment is exemplified through daily meetings, where a comprehensive review of each patient’s medical records, condition, and treatment plans is conducted. In addition, the team considers unique requirements and preferences, including language and cultural backgrounds. These valuable insights are then shared with the entire staff, fostering collaborative discussions aimed at continually enhancing the patient experience.

GHA Accreditation — A Mark of Trust and Quality

GHA is globally recognized as a leader in medical tourism and health tourism, with its standards v.5.0 and v.4.1 accredited by ISQua EEA. These standards have been developed in consultation with esteemed global experts, representing various industries, including healthcare providers, insurers, and employers. GHA’s accreditation serves as a beacon of trust, assuring patients and international payers that accredited organizations have implemented rigorous procedures and policies designed to mitigate risks to medical travel patients while enhancing their experience throughout each phase of their journey.

A Commitment to Excellence and Transformation

Dr. Choi Sung Hee, Chief Director of the International Healthcare Center, highlighted SNUBH’s dedication to setting new standards and leading the path for others. “Our commitment to quality and patient-centered care, in line with the highest international standards, establishes SNUBH as a positive force in the medical travel industry in Korea. Achieving GHA Accreditation for a second term is a source of immense pride, underlining our commitment to advancing patient experiences and outcomes for local and international patients.”

Advancing Healthcare Quality and Safety

GHA is dedicated to enhancing healthcare quality and safety in the medical tourism industry. Through its accreditation, certification, training, development and optimization and advisory services, GHA promotes transparency, patient-centered care, and continuous improvement. GHA’s accreditation process positions healthcare providers to attract and serve medical travel patients, ultimately enhancing clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and the organization’s business performance.

Ms. Renée-Marie Stephano, GHA’s Chief Executive Officer, emphasized the transformative role of GHA accreditation, stating, “Accreditation by GHA serves as a badge of trust and quality in healthcare, assuring patients, governments, insurance companies, facilitators, and other stakeholders that GHA-accredited hospitals, like SNUBH, are committed to the highest standards of patient care and successful medical outcomes. We congratulate SNUBH for achieving this esteemed recognition.”

Educating the Marketplace

To raise awareness of the significance of GHA accreditation in enhancing safety and the patient experience, Global Healthcare Accreditation has initiated a comprehensive multilingual consumer and buyer marketing campaign, available in English, Arabic, Russian and Spanish. The campaign aims to educate the market about the substantial benefits of selecting hospitals that have achieved GHA accreditation for their medical tourism programs.

Dr. Choi Sung Hee expressed the hospital’s mission, saying, “Our vision is to achieve excellence in healthcare services, not only in Korea but worldwide. The IHC aims to expand its services and attract new patients from Southeast Asia, such as Vietnam. With Global Health Accreditation, we are confident that we can meet medical travelers’ needs in quality and safety while increasing our visibility.”

A Landmark Achievement for South Korea’s Healthcare Sector

SNUBH’s achievement stands as a pivotal moment in South Korea’s healthcare sector, underscoring the region’s commitment to delivering world-class patient care. This milestone serves as an inspiration for healthcare institutions both regionally and globally, highlighting that GHA accreditation not only elevates an institution’s reputation but also positions it for substantial growth and increased demand.

About SNUBH:

Since its founding, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital has constantly strived to improve public health and welfare, overcoming challenges to provide excellent care and put patient needs first. SNUBH established Korea’s first hospital-led Healthcare Innovation Park, creating an environment to support the full lifecycle of healthcare research from experiments to commercialization. As a pioneer in future medical services, SNUBH is committed to leveraging the latest technology to improve care quality and access. Driven by its mission to promote health and enhance quality of life, SNUBH pours all efforts into developing the world’s best hi-tech medicine and public health solutions.

About Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA):

Established in 2016, GHA stands as a beacon of excellence in accreditation and certification, with a concentrated focus on medical and wellness travel. GHA standards for medical travel v.5.0 and v.4.1 are accredited by ISQua EEA and its trailblazing frameworks, programs, and international standards are developed in collaboration with global experts and cater to health providers, insurers, and employers dedicated to best practices. With a network spanning the globe, GHA has accredited and certified premier hospitals committed to elevating the patient experience for medical travelers and enhancing business performance.

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